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Video Surveys

JES Traffic utilise bespoke video recording systems to undertake a number of different survey types.  From single camera surveys to complex junctions with numerous cameras, we can deploy our equipment to suit your needs.  Video surveys provide a cost effective method for data collection.

Queue Length Monitoring

Queue Length monitoring is often undertaken in conjunction with Classified Turning Counts.  We employ various methods for collecting this kind of data depending on the clients requirements.  The data can be collected manually or by video camera with results in metres, number of vehicles or classified vehicles.

Automatic Traffic Counts

When longer periods of data collection are required, ATC's are the perfect solution.  The counters are installed at the roadside, tubes are placed across the carriageway and connected to the counter.  The data provides a snap shot of traffic trends with output for volume, speed and vehicle classification.  Counters can be deployed for any duration and data can be returned in a timely manner.

Speed Detection Radars

An alternative to the traditional tube based ATC.  SDR's can be quickly installed to street furniture and have the advantage of being inconspicuous to road users.  They pose a low risk for damage / vandalism and low risk for Health and Safety.  Like ATC's they collect volume, speed and classification or vehicle length data.

Classified Turning Counts

JES Traffic undertake numerous Classified Turning Counts on a weekly basis.  This can range from a simple priority junction to a large area of connecting junctions.  We have the ability to undertake these surveys manually or by video camera, ensuring the client has the best value for money.  Analysis of these counts is undertaken by our highly experienced analysis team, we can deliver and present data to match the clients requirements.

Pedestrian Surveys

JES Traffic undertake pedestrian surveys of varying scale; from simple flow counts to high density crowd monitoring, for example at busy railway stations.  As with other survey types these surveys can be conducted either manually or by video camera, enabling us to provide accurate data of pedestrian movement patterns.

Interview Surveys

JES Traffic can mobilise a team to undertake face to face interviews covering a wide range of uses.  For example, this could be door to door for preference surveys, at a railway station or car park for travel surveys or at a local attraction for a visitor survey.  All survey information is collated and presented in the clients desired formats.

Parking Monitoring

Parking surveys are usually required to identify capacity and duration of stay.  These types of survey could be used to monitor on street parking and designated parking areas.  For defining duration of stay, registration plate recordings are undertaken and vehicles matched over a set time period.  This can be undertaken using ANPR cameras or manually.  Parking surveys can be undertaken on a per vehicle basis or on a 'beat' at regular intervals.

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